Stabby Slashy Skyrim Fan Video!

Do you think that you’re fanatical about Skyrim? Think again. Try Force Productions recently produced this pretty cool fan movie!

For a budget film it’s not bad at all. Plenty of stabby swordy action and exceptional outfits! The only thing I will say is that there is a disappointing lack of dragons. But then again there is ALWAYS a lack of dragons!

Skyrim: Cosplay

Skyrim: Cosplay

Skyrim Screenshot: Cliffhanger

Skyrim Screenshot: Cliffhanger

Now I think this is what you call cosplay. I’ve never really been into it myself and consider people are to be slightly strange. Much better to sit in a darkened room hunched over a computer salivating over a Skyrim demo that you’ve already watched some 17 times!

If you are one of those people strange who want to dress up as a Skyrim badass but can’t afford the time or money to make a costume you could try being a Viking!

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