Skyrim: Headless Chickens and Cowards

In a recent article on Skyrim in the Official Xbox Magazine more information has been divulged! Here’s what I’ve found out.

1) Unfortunately headless chickens haven’t been confirmed. What HAS been confirmed is that Necromancy will allow you to bring dead chickens (and presumable other farm animals) from the dead! Progressing with necromancy will allow you to revive fallen comrades to fight by your side. However,if I can’t decapitate a chicken and then bring him back to life as a mobile cup holder I will be very very disappointed.

Skyrim: Mobile Cup Holder

Skyrim: Mobile Cup Holder

2) The AI has improved! This isn’t much of a surprise really; whenever a new game comes out, the AI is (supposedly) improved! However this improvement will be fun. In Skyrim, after you kill some of their friends, enemies will realise that attacking you will be bad for their health and scarper!

Enemies will also be able to spring traps al la Road Runner. For example: bandits roll a boulder at the player from an overhanging bridge.

Boulder Trap in Skyrim

Skyrim Trap: It's a Classic

3) Leveling up will be a lot more like Fallout 3. You will be given a number of points and then you can decide on what you want to spend them.

4) Horse AI has been improved in TES:V so that if you steal one, and then get off it, it will run away! I’m not sure if I like this… I hope they add a way to befriend them e.g. feeding sugarlumps!

Skyrim: Riding Horses

Skyrim Horsie

5) Lockpicking is also much improved and has a more Fallout feel to it now that the minigame has been upgraded!

Skyrim Screenshot: Lock Picking

Skyrim Screenshot: Lock Picking

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