Pete Hines (VP of PR) Answers Fans Questions on Skyrim!

Pete Hines is Bethesda vice president of  public relations! He recently took the time to answer some questions from fans, admittedly it doesn’t give that much information – but at-least they’re answering questions! There are new details in there!

I have also updated the Skyrim Playable Race Screenshots post with the new screens!

Skyrim Funny: Orc Paty

This TOTALY Relates to this post!

Q: I heard about the multiple quest [markers] but is there an option to turn these off? It would please alot of morrowind fans.
A: you can turn off any markers you want. There isn’t a setting to do so though

Q: 1. Do you still have to sleep in a bed to level up? 2. Are kids killable in the game?
A: no. No

Q: Are there subtitles in Skyrim for deaf gamers ?
A: Yes, fully subtitled.

Q: Can you move objects in game because it seems my controllers buttons are taken?
A: Yes, you can still move items in the world. Instead of clicking button to pickup item, hold it down to move

Q: Is there any form of regenerating health without any perks etc?
A: Health, magicka, and stamina all regen slowly over time.

Q: Is the EB Games CE for Skyrim going to be available in the U.S. too? Or just Australia?
A: it’s not a CE. It’s their pre-order incentive. Not coming to US

Q: Still wondering about dual wield blocking. It seems VERY silly to not allow the player to block or parry while using two weapons.
A: Can only do one thing when you pull trigger: block or attack. That’s the tradeoff. You don’t get the best of all worlds

Q: Can NPCs dual wield the same way the player can? Like using a spell and sword at the same time.
A: Yes. They and and do wield sword and spell, two spells, etc.

Q: Is there any gameplay mechanic related to sleeping? I don’t need it to level up, I can use wait to pass time. So?
A: You get a bonus for being Rested, a la FO3

Q: Do you mean they regen noticeably even without sleeping or using the wait function? Are HP potions just a boost?
A: Health potions keep me from dying in battle



Q: How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: That’s a hardware issue.

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3 Responses to Pete Hines (VP of PR) Answers Fans Questions on Skyrim!

  1. Zach says:

    I’m sorry to bother you about something deemed so unimportant. But in Oblivion I found it nearly impossible to put a plate right side up on a table or put a sword on a weapon rack. I was wondering if Anyone knew if they fixed this ‘small problem’ in skyrim. Thanks!

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