Skyrim Competition! Win a Unique Piece of Dragon art!

In a previous post I mentioned visiting a glass workshop who’s dragons reminded me of Skyrim. Well I’ve commissioned a Skyrim esque dragon to be made as a prize for this competition!

Glass Dragon Skyrim Competition

Skyrim Competition Prize

The Competition?

The Skyrim Competition is to use the Character editor in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to create the sexiest (or funniest) character you can!

Then just post a picture of your creation on the My Skyrim Blog facebook page. Simple!

Competition Judging:

The winning entry will be the one with the most “likes” on the My Skyrim Blog facebook page! This means that it is up to YOU to make your character screenshot interesting/funny/sexy/ugly to get the “likes”!

Entry Requirements:

Step-by-step Entry Guide

  1. Create a new game in Oblivion. Within a few minutes you will be given the option to customise your character. Do it!
  2. Create your sexy/funny character and then perhaps find some nice clothes, find an appropriate setting etc. Be inventive! It’s up to you!
  3. Once you’re happy with your creation take a picture/screenshot and upload it to the My Skyrim Blog facebook page!
  4. Get as many likes as you can! The upload with the most likes will win!


The competition prize is the Skyrim esque dragon pictured above. The Dragon was hand crafted by a glassblower in North Wales and is stained with numerous metallic oxides such as platinum and silver (Silver gives the amber colouring) to give it its deep colouring. The glass is also annealed in a specialist kiln to strengthen it.

Closing Date

The winner will be announced August the 30th 2011. Any Entries on that day will not be counted.

Other Rules

  • No Nudity Mods/18+ material
  • Graphical mods are allowed. I’m sure voters will take into consideration the imagination that has gone into your character, the setting etc.

I’ll get some more pictures up in the next post. Good luck!

JOKE:                                                                                                                                                    Q: What do you get when you cross a Dunmer and Orc?
A: A Dorc!

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11 Responses to Skyrim Competition! Win a Unique Piece of Dragon art!

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  6. Shane says:

    It looks like the dragon is standing on a dildo. lolz GS RULZ!

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