Skyrim: Tavern Brawling and other Interesting Developments

In a recent Skyrim fan interview (link at the bottom) a few interesting snippets of interesting info were divulged. Not least of which is that there are Tavern brawls! It is not confirmed yet whether they will be spontaneous or in the form of a mini game. What it does mean is that there must be some sort of hand to hand skill in Skyrim. This is interesting because we’ve been told in the past that hand to hand was one of the skills that was to be removed from Skyrim! So perhaps it will be bundled with another skill? Personally I think that if any two skills should be bundled together it should be Quaffing* and Brawling!

Skyrim Tavern Screen: Widwooo

Skyrim Tavern Screenshot

This is undoubtedly a good sign for Skyrim! One of the more disheartening things about both Morrowind and Oblivion was that the taverns were “not very lively”. In fact one of the best mods I downloaded for Morrowind included a tavern called “The Wailing Wench” which included pretty barmaids, and a table dancing Irishman!

The Wailing Wench - Skyrim?

The Wailing Wench

Now as for the rest of the Skyrim fan interview I’ve condensed it into bullet points:

  • Todd Howard was un-willing to say whether or not you can turn into another creature in Skyrim.. hmmm… suspicious.
  • Character customisation has had an overhaul and not includes “multiple hair styles, beards, scars, and face paint”.
  • The armour system is similar to that of Oblivion, except that the cuirass and greaves, have been combined into one piece. All of the armour in Skyrim has had a graphical overhaul to look more Nordic.
  • The most prized armour set will be made from Dragons!
  • There will be no spears because there wasn’t enough development time.
  • No medium armour for balancing reasons.
  • There will be no mark/recall spells because they limit the kind of challenges and gameplay scenarios that can be included in Skyrim.
  • There is a relationship system where you can make friends and even get married! Your spouse will move into your house if you own one. Your relationship with NPC’s will affect how they react to you and your actions.
  • “The PC version [of Skyrim] gets higher res textures, larger render modes, and a bunch of other effects you can scale up if your machine is a beast.” + more. And of course there will be a Creation Kit for y’all modders.
  • Enchanting will be similar to Oblivion but will also be a skill. There will be enchanting stations all over Skyrim – instead of just in one place like in Oblivion!
  • Your decisions really do change the story: “some stuff that gets locked out based on decisions you make”.
  • Your choice of race affects how characters react to you!
  • Bosses aren’t just big things with loads of HP in Skyrim, they have unique tactics!
  • Dragons do leave marks on the landscape (detectable environment!) and in rare cases can destroy buildings!
  • Architecture is dramatically different from area to area.
  • The animations are completely new and are a dramatic improvement on previous games.
  • You can improve/upgrade your armour and weapons!
  • You will DEFINITELY be able to carry on playing after the main story in Skyrim. They’ve learnt their lesson!

JOKE: What do you call a Wood Elf who doesn’t lie or cheat or steal? A dead Wood Elf.

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*as yet “Quaffing” is not a confirmed skill.

The Skyrim Fan Interview!

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