Preorder Skyrim to get a BONUS!!!

That’s right Skyrim fans! Bathesda have announced that preordering Skyrim will secure you a BONUS.

What is it you ask? Why preorder Skyrim? When you preorder Skyrim you will receive and exclusive “premium quality” map. Now, admittedly, this doesn’t sound that exciting. I mean, we get maps with games all the time right? In-fact my bedroom wall is covered with them (my favourite being a ‘ye olde’ style middle earth map)… BUT what this post (see below) doesn’t tell us is what is meant by “premium quality” or “real maps” are.

I think it’s safe to say it won’t be paper (wouldn’t be premium quality). So that leaves Cloth. Cloth maps are awesome and as everyone knows:

Cloth maps are on average 150% more caressable and andventurey than paper or plastic ones“- PCG

Preorder Skyrim Game Cases!

Preorder Skyrim!

To see the original Bethblog post:

From the official Bethblog:

Making real maps of our fantasy worlds is an Elder Scrolls tradition. As Todd Howard said all the way back in a Morrowind blog post, “There’s something about having a physical object in your hands that feels like it’s part of this other world, that you are that person in the game, finding your way among the hills.”

With that in mind, today we are announcing that anyone who preorders Skyrim will automatically receive a premium quality world map with their copy as a no-extra-cost-to-you bonus.

To guarantee your copy of your premium quality world map, please pre-order today.

Click here to find out why YOU need to preorder Skyrim NOW!

or Check out the Skyrim Blog Store

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