Skyrim E3 Demo

Here is the long awaited Skyrim Demo that was on show at the E3 expo full of juicy Skyrim Details and gameply. We’re also talked through it all by Todd Howard! We see a LOT of awesome stuff in here including:

  • Giants herding big hairy mammoths. Yes, Skyrim has mammoths!
  • The Undead – or ‘differently alive’ if you’re a Terry Pratchett fan.
  • Different weather biomes: Snowy Mountain, Tundra, and a Temperate forest.
  • Dual wielding of weapons and magic and combinations of both.
  • A stealth scene.
  • A beautiful old nordic temple ruin.
  • DRAGONS!! Skyrim wouldn’t be Skyrim without them! We see a couple of different types and learn a little about how they tie into the plot.


Analysis (me rambling and a fun diagram):

The level of detail in every scene is breathtaking, Skyrims mountain ranges look jagged, and realistically so, not like the smooth ‘lumps’ that they called mountains in oblivion. Skyrim has the real thing!

The movement of both the player (Whooo! Dovahkiin) and the environment (animals ect) appears fluid and lifelike as does the combat, moving away from the ‘slash and block’ style of oblivion.

The dual wielding appears to work well in Skyrim, allowing the player to swap quickly between magic and weapons. What I thought was really cool was the combination of two spells – one in each hand – to create an uber spell. I wonder if this works with different types? It also reminded me of this diagram:

Skyrim Dual Wield

Shield - Shield anyone?

Here is a full list of ALL the E3 Interviews. There is a LOT!

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