Skyrim Previews, Gameplay and all!!!

This last week has seen an avalanche of Skyrim previews after Bethesdas huge BFG press event which featured… Yes! You guessed it… SKYRIM!

During the BFG event journalists were able to watch as Todd Howared actually played 45 minutes of the game showing off some of skyrims sexyness!

So I’ve Compiled a list of Skyrim previews below for you to check-out, a list of the key points, and a breif video explaining what was seen during the preview.

Preview Description Vid for Skyrim

Here are the Key Points:

1. We heard that salmon can be seen swimming upstream in the rivers of Skyrim – showing us that the waters are going to be more rich and interesting than the bland effort of Oblivion. It was also observed that there are far more passive creatures in the world – for example a huge troll was spotted lumbering along the road, oblivious to the player character.

2. We knew that dual-wielding weapons was possible in Skyrim, but the game hacks reported that Todd was able to dual-wield spells, combining them into ever more powerful bursts of magic. They also saw him charge up a weapon with a spell – even a shield was ‘charged’ with a lightning spell to create an awesome sounding ‘kickback’ to an enemy that struck the shield. The possibilities for tactical combat just got a whole lot more interesting…

3. The Skyrim game map is now a ‘theatre of war ‘style presentation that, when accessed, pulls back to a representation of the entire region. It sounds awesome to be able to zoom out to a birds-eye view of the whole area in this way rather than the usual clicking to open a map in the inventory.

4. The much hated Persuasion mini game has thankfully been dumped in Skyrim, although there’s no word yet on what its replacement will be. There WILL be some form of lockpicking minigame, although Howard declined to go into details. Hopefully it will be more like that used in the Fallout games….

5. The attributes have been stripped down from eight to the big three of health, magic and stamina in Skyrim. This has, needless to say, caused much comment on forums! Already we’ve seen people declaring they’re not even going to buy the game. Weird!  However, Todd Howard was at pains to point out that everything that had previously been done by those attribute stats is still in the game, but has ‘trickled down’ into some other skill or perk. The aim is create a more natural, organic experience – with less emphasis on number crunching and ‘grinding’. Personally, I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt….

6. Every one of the five major cities in Skyrim will be larger than any of the cities in Oblivion. And from the demo we see that the smaller settlement (called Riverwood) is a heck of lot bigger and more active than the small settlements that were peppered around Cyrodiil.

7. We already knew that Max von Sydow was going to be voicing your Blades mentor, Esbern, in Skyrim but Todd let is slip that there will be other celeb voice actors too – although he didn’t give any names. Nonetheless, the total number of voice actors will be far, far larger than in Oblivion – so the days of every single NPC of a given race sharing the same voice appear to be over…

Stretch your wings with articles from the following outlets.

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Thanks to: – The list of key points. – The List of previews. – The Video.

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  1. cantwait says:

    cant wait to play this game

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