Skyrim Monster/Area Levelling, How will it work?

One of the biggest worrys for Skyrim fans, in regards to gameplay, has been the area/monster levelling. Know what I mean? Well the thing is, in Oblivion all of the creatures levelled up with you. This meant that if you were to go into a dungeon at level 1, it would be just as hard as if you entered at level 10. I doubt that Skyrim will follow the same design…

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The problem with this is that it doesn’t feel realistic. An example would be the way, later in the game, bandits would end up wearing really fancy armour when they used to only have leather! Did all the bandits in the game suddenly stumble onto a armour/weapons hord? Or more inportantly will this stash remain in Skyrim!? In Morrowind however it was much different. It you ventured into certain areas ar lower levels you would simply be swatted away like a fly..

So what will Skyrim be like? Read on to find out…

(i) Skyrim will feature higher and lower leveled areas. So for instance, one dungeon might be leveled between 7 and 13, whereas another might be between 18 and 25. Skyrim sets the level of these dungeons as close as possible to your level, when you enter. So, suppose you are level 4. Then the first dungeon will be level 7, and the second dungeon level 18; if you are level 12, then the first dungeon will be level 12, and the second will be 18; if you are level 15, then the first dungeon will be level 13, and the second 18; if you are level 24, then the first dungeon will be level 13, and the second 24; and so on. Also note that once you’ve entered a dungeon, the game fixes the level of that dungeon for the remainder of the game. But because dungeons will vary in their levels, you can’t just run through the game and set all the dungeons to level 1; also, this seems to motivate making your character more powerful, because if your level 6 character gets killed in a level 7 to 13 dungeon, you can just level up a few times, and then come back to complete the dungeon.

(ii) Creatures generally have a fixed level in Skyrim. So you won’t find the same enemy in a level 3 to 9 dungeon that you will in a level 25 to 30 dungeon, just with higher stats – or at least, if the creature from the lower leveled dungeon does appear in the higher level dungeon, it’ll have pretty much the same stats as it did in the lower leveled dungeon. Higher leveled areas will either have stronger types of creatures, or they’ll just have higher numbers of level level creatures, or some combination of this. Similarly, bandits won’t somehow get a whole lot of fancy and expensive armour as your level increases.

(iii) Loot will scale in pretty much the same way as creatures in Skyrim. So if you go to a level 7 to 13 dungeon, you’ll find loot appropriate to characters of that level, even if your character is level 30. However there should still be some hand placed loot around in Skyrim.

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4 Responses to Skyrim Monster/Area Levelling, How will it work?

  1. aweosome to know this!

  2. Were says:

    Ooh, so instead of leveled creatures you get shity lvled dungeons. So now you be running around and looking into as many dungeons as you can when you are low lvl so you can fo back and kick the snot out of them later. Sounds sucktacular

    • J says:

      Did you even bother to read the entire article??? That won’t be happening because all the dungeons will have a set range of levels… And besides, even if that was possible, no-ones forcing you to do that… If you want the game to still be a challenge, then take the dungeons on as you reach them

  3. xaade says:

    Better than most people throwing the game away because they hit the leveling problem

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