Skyrim Levelling, How will it work?

The Levelling System in Skyrim has moved on from previous games, gone are the set classes that you pick ar the beginning of the game. Now you start off as a blank canvas. Yes, you will level up but your options will be far more broad. Carry on reading for more details….

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Destruction Screenshot....mmm...destruction..

Your character will be shaped by how you play as opposed to what you chose at the start of the game. One of the major advantages of this is that you can play arround and find out what kind of player you are, instead of being chained to a certain skill set e.g. in oblivion if you chose magic related skills, you would be severely disadvantaged if you decided to switch to just using melee weaponry.

After looking arround on the forums and various websites this is what i’ve found out about the Skyrim levelling system:

  • There is no class system per say in Skyrim and how a player plays depends on what skills the character gains. Use a one-handed weapon, watch that skill increase, etc. You get experience for everything.
  • Skill increases contribute to your overall level growth. Each level gives you a boost in health and a chance to boost health, magika or stamina.
  • There are 18 separate skills in Skyrim, including such things like Illusion, Destruction, Restoration, Enchanting, etc.
  • It seems like there are 50 main levels, with Howard mentioning levelling up to 50 is roughly the same time as it would be to level an Oblivion or Fallout character to 25.
  • You can level up past 50, but it’s a dramatically slower increase than before once you get past that threshold.
  • Todd Howard confirms that Skyrim will use the perk system that they used in Fallout 3, noting that there was an automated perk system in place in Oblivion, but in Skyrim, the user has control over it. There are dozens of perks to choose from, that may increase dagger damage during stealth attacks and may mean your mace attack may ignore your foe’s armour skills.

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