Skyrim Radiant Story, what is it?

In this post I’ll take a look at what the Skyrim Radiant Story system is and how it will vastly improve the game.

Town in Skyrim

A Pretty Skyrim Town


So put simply it gives the other characters and animals in Skyrim LIFE. Ok so that sounds quite dramatic. It just makes them do things other than wait for you to interact with them. They interact with each other. This will mean that the world will no longer revolve around YOU. They will have their own jobs and routine. Now here are a bunch of bullit points relating to the all new Skyrim Radiant Story system:

  • Radiant story helps blend random encounters and quests into the world more seamlessly.
  • It tailors missions based on your character type, where you’ve explored, what you’ve done in the past and what you’re currently doing.
  • Assassination quests can be randomly generated to take into account under what conditions the assassination will take place, where it takes place, who the client is, and who the target is. The quest design can take into account where you’ve been before and who you’ve met. You might find yourself being asked to assassinate your old friend, or working for someone you’ve completed a quest for in the past.
  • Though murdering a shopkeeper may only lead to his sister taking over the store, she may recognize that you killed her brother and make her pay for it later!
  • Radiant Story takes into account where you have already explored and is careful to take you into new territory.
  • If you’re very good at a skill, you may get approached for training, challenged to a duel, or asked for a favor that will show off your skill.
  • Your friend/enemy status with NPCs can affect the missions you receive. Helping a farmer may lead to him offering you a quest in the future. Some NPCs that like you enough may help you out on certain quests.
  • Random encounters are found in the wilderness as well as towns. Todd gave a couple of examples: helping a priest who then tells you about a dungeon, or coming across a mammoth beset by a pack of wolves. The team is also being careful to ensure these missions do not become overwhelming.

Drop me a comment, let me know what you think about the new system!

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4 Responses to Skyrim Radiant Story, what is it?

  1. lol says:

    your dumb if you believe any of this is real and will appear in the actual game

    didnt people like you learn after oblivion?

    • I must admitt that the so called ‘Radiant AI’ in Oblivion was a let down, but that doesn’t mean the same will be true in Skyrim. The big point really is that whatever happens it will improve – as AI in most games does – and that it’ll mean an end to NPCs simply standing arround doing… well nothing. You can also see from the gameplay trailer the AI has improved dramatically, with NPCs really reacting to your presence! Obviously I would love some of the other points to come true but from what i’ve seen it’s already shaping up to be one hell of a game!
      Thank you for your constructive and optimistic comment.

    • no1haha says:

      dude if you really think so bad about it why dont you ask one of your buddies that liked oblivion that wants to get skyrim tell you how it is whenever he/she gets it for me i loved oblivion i thought it was pretty good for a what 2006 game right i mean seriously that game is huge like fallout 3 its gunna have some doosies and also that was like the best one out of the series but your opinion/fact is in my respect though because that is true and the game can also get repetetive

  2. jon says:

    i don’t know what you mean oblivion was awesome a huge clockwork world wher you could do anything you want and the game adapted the freedoms were incredible i remember leaving the sewer at the start and being overcome by the sensation of freedom and infinite possilbility. That maybe an exaggeration but it felt infinite and it felt like the game was tailored to my choices, my decisions how many games can you say that about them?.

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