Skyrim Radiant AI, what is it?

The Radiant AI system is a vast improvement on previous Elderscrolls games that is unique to Skyrim, and another reason you should preorder Skyrim. It improves how you interact with Skyrims population, and how they interact with you! It will hopefully lead to a far more immersive game experience.

This is just a quick look at the Radiant AI system in Skyrim, distilled form ‘The Technology Behind Skyrim feature:

  • The game has been populated with places of work, like mills, farms, and mines to give NPCs more realistic ways to spend their time.
  • In one forest village, citizens were hard at work chopping wood, running logs through the mill, and carrying goods through town.
  • NPCs react to your character’s actions much more realistically. If you’re good friends with an NPC, he may offer you lodging rather than demanding you leave. Friends will allow you to eat food from their house, also. Swing a weapon too close, knock items off the dinner table or try to steal something of value and NPCs will react appropriately based on their prior relationship with you.

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